Design Portfolio Video Editing

Video Editing

During my internship period, I learnt a video editing software called Adobe Premier Pro. It’s one of the popular video editing software used by designers. Below, are 3 short videos I created by myself.

Apart from these short videos, I have also created online content for Adobe Illustrator on Udemy. The entire voice over has been done by me, so do have a look by clicking on the links provided below:

i. Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 Masterclass:

The importance of mental health during the pandemic.
Created on 14th November 2020.
Goa Vlog!
Created on 29th March 2020

Jaisalmer Vlog!
Created on 29th March 2020
Short video for SGLPH (Students for Global Love, Peace and Harmony). I created this video during my internship period. Created on 28th April 2020.