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Ceramic Design

Company: Jaipur Glass and Potteries
Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
Duration: 2 weeks, in the month of June, 2016
Software I learnt: CorelDraw

Jaipur Glass and Potteries is one of the big factories where ceramics are made and exported to big companies such as Pantaloons. They make different designs for new shapes of ceramics.

During the training, I learnt and made 3 designs in a software called Coral Draw. These designs were later printed onto plain white mugs. Coral Draw is often used to make simple as well as intricate designs to be printed onto the ceramics.

Patterns I made:

Printed on mugs:

The other things I did learn was how the ceramics were cleaned before these designs were carefully added and how it was packaged to be sold in stores. It was an interesting 2 week training that I was in.