Design Portfolio Exhibitions


During my 6 month internship in Jaggery Bags, there were 3 exhibitions that I was a part of. This helped me to interact with the Indian and as well as the foreign customers.

Location: Chattarpur, New Delhi
Number of days of the exhibition: 9 (including weekends)

Dastkar Design exhibitions happen every year at the same venue, where different types of handicraft stalls are put up. The main objective of this exhibition is to promote the craftsmen to showcase their skill, be recognised and an easy way to make cash as many people attend these exhibitions every year. Even school and college students attend this exhibition.

2. St. Patrick’s Day
Location: Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
Number of days: 2

This was the first time I had gone to the American Embassy for an exhibition. I was informed to wear formals, and preferably a green top as St. Patrick’s day was being celebrated there. It was a good opportunity for me to engage with the foreigners there and deal with the international clients!

3. American Embassy
Location: Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
Number of days: 7 days

Now being familiar with the embassy and how to deal with the foreign clients, this exhibition was a piece of cake for me. Handling them became easier and I had memorised the prices by then. This exhibition was held for a week, this time inside the embassy.