Design Portfolio Communication Design

Communication Design

    Brief: To design and create a tabloid in 6 pages, covering 1 topic of your choice.
    Topic: LGBT
    Group members: Dipti Singh, Suhasini Jain, Simran Spal, Tarini Gupta and Tyasha Duggal
    Duration: 1 month (entire month of August 2018)
    Topics covered: Mythology, Brands, Clothing styles, Music genre, photo shoots and interview.

    The images attached below is a sample of the work that the whole team had collated and designed.

2. Invitation Design

This is a small personal project I did at home. For my grandmother’s 78th and 80th birthday, I made invitation designs in a software called InDesign. It’s a very easy software to use, and is perfect to make layouts and invitations.