Design Portfolio Glass Mural

Glass Mural

Brief: To study the properties and different uses of glass, and make a mural of the same material.
Semester: 4
Year: 2016 (2nd year)
Duration: 1 week (7 days)
Material I used: Small mirrors of different shapes.


Significance of Ganesh:
– Easily recognised with it’s elephant head.
– One of the important deities in Hinduism.
– Known for the god of beginning, is often the first deity to be honoured at the start of any ceremony.
– Known as the remover of obstacles, & deva of intellect & wisdom.

Properties of glass:
Hardness & brittleness: Greater impact resistance against applied load.
Weather resistance: Withstand the effect of rain, sun & wind.
Chemical resistance: Can withstand the effect of the chemical reaction under different environment conditions or acidic effects.
Insulation: Excellent insulator against heat, electricity and electromagnetic radiation.