My name is Tarini and I’m a Graphic Designer based in Gurgaon, Haryana. I graduated in the year 2019, from Pearl Academy New Delhi.

Growing up, I’ve always been a creative child. I’ve always loved getting my hands dirty and create different things all the time. To this very day, I’ve always enjoyed working with different materials and learning new techniques to make products for my users. This is something which I feel is important for a designer to have – to experiment with different materials and getting your hands dirty to make your product.

I see myself as a team player as I’ve always been a social person. Working in group projects with different people has helped me in making me a better team player and helping each other to achieve our goal. It’s quite similar in a design process; when different individuals come together and pool in ideas, great designs can be made and improved upon!

Some of the areas where I’ve found my passion would be sustainable design, furniture design and accessory design. I’d love to explore these areas more in my career!